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10 Beliefs That Kill Your Success

Many of us have great dreams and aspirations and we are looking forward to a day when all these desires come to fruition. However, our mindset and the beliefs we have allowed to have solid foundations in our lives kill our dreams at the conception stage.

Many of these beliefs are needless, unsubstantiated and ridiculous. And they can jeopardize your life and throw your dreams out of the window. Let’s us have a look at these beliefs that squander our lives and success.

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1. I Don’t Have Enough Money

Nobody has all the money in the world to do whatever they want to do. The great and successful people we love and admire did not begin their journeys with a track load of money. The little you have, begin with it and see it grow. Elon Musk, Paypal founder, now has a company that develops spacecraft – SpaceX. He didn’t have the money to build SpaceX 25 years ago. That didn’t stop him and it should not stop you either.

2. I Don’t Have Enough Time

We complain of not having time but we allocate time for mundane things like watching movies and chatting with friends on the mobile phone. You can still achieve your goals without having to quit your job or stop schooling. There isn’t no time like enough time. The enough time you have is now. Cut yourself of time draining activities and try to delegate some of your roles in order to create time for the important things. People like Sabeer Bhatia (founder Hotmail), Noah Kagan (founder AppSumo) and many others built startups while holding full time jobs.

3. I am not highly educated 

You don’t need the Harvard or Oxford kind of education to guarantee success. What you need is the desire and the right skills because Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were dropouts and that did not stop them.

4. I Do Not Have The Right Skills

Most of the skills you need to succeed can easily be learnt unless you want to build a sky rocket. The internet is a good place to build skills or hire the right people to do the work you can’t do for you.

5. I Have Only One Chance

Bill Gates and Paul Allen started their entrepreneurial journey with Traf-O-Data which failed. But did they stop? No! They went on to create Microsoft which we all know of. You have countless opportunities to rise and try again until you succeed. One failure must not deter you.

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6. I Need To Wait For The Right Time

There is nothing like a perfect moment. Most people you meet want to be great but if you ask them  what they are doing to see their dream come to pass, they will respond with ‘I am waiting for the right time.’ The right time is now.

7. I Am Inexperienced

Nearly every person you meet will tell you that you don’t have enough experience. Richard Branson started his first venture when he was 16. If corporate experience was a key factor would his 400 companies exist today? If you have a great idea and have the means to execute it, how is experience a limitation?

8. I Don’t Have Connections

If you don’t have them, what’s stopping you from going out there and building them? Attend industry events, startup events, join a networking group or simply use Twitter or LinkedIn to build your network. Is that really difficult in today’s digital world?

9. I Am Busy

Are you too busy enough to keep wallowing in the state of not seeing your ideas come to pass. If you have a family to take care of, isn’t that a bigger reason to work towards greater success?

10. I Need To Be Perfect

We want things to be perfect because we are afraid of failure. Ironically, our quest for perfection is what often causes us to fail!

Henry Ford once said, ‘Whether You Think You Can, Or YOu Think You Can’t – You’re Right.’

Believe that you can and remove all the supposedly mental and physical blocks that hinder true success.

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