Start A Blog

A lot of people are earning good money from blogging on part time and you too can. All it takes is your willingness and the passion to start a business online. I have been blogging since 2014 and that was when I quit my last job. And since then, I have made blogging my full time job. I will personally build for you a very beautiful blog and help you along your blogging journey.

What Do You Need to Start A Blog?

You only need two things to start a blog; a domain name and a web server/hosting.

Domain Name: The domain name is your blog’s name; I mean what people will type or click on to be able to visit your blog. As a human being, you have a unique name which is used to identify you—so your domain is like the unique name of your online business.

Here, I am talking about the www.

Domain names function on the Internet in a way similar to a physical address in the physical world. So if I want to visit your blog, I will do so using your domain name.

Web Server/Hosting: The web server is the space where all your blog files will be kept. So when you write something on your blog, it is kept somewhere securely for you so that others can read it—that’s the web server.

It’s like renting a room where you would keep your diary—so that anytime someone wants to read or see your diary, it will be found in that room.

If you have a credit card, I will recommend that you buy your hosting from “Hostinger” because they give you a free domain of your choice plus they have very affordable and fast web hosting. I will personally design your blog for you and help you if you purchase your hosting from bluehost. This is because, Hostinger will give you a discount and also pay me a commission if you buy with this link

However, if you want to start a blog but don’t have a credit card, you may want to contact me on whatsapp: (233) 0576270779 or phone: (233) 0545064096 and I will personally buy the hosting and design your blog for you.

NB: Blogging pays, and now is the time to enjoy from it too. I will give you all the tips you need from my three years blogging experience to help you earn right from your first month. If you have further questions, you may contact me with the numbers above or send me an email via :

How do You Make Money Now That You Have Your Blog Set Up & Running ?

Whenever you visit a website or a blog, I am sure you see several adverts on those pages you visit—that’s one of the ways via which the owners get paid. Several advertisement agencies exist and are ready to place advertisements on your blog, paying you anytime someone visits your blog or click on the adverts.

It’s pretty simple; and I have in depth resource materials on this which will help once your blog is up.  

Now that is not all. There are other earning opportunities like affiliate marketing, content marketing ad space sales and a lot more.