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How to get 5,000 Facebook Page Likes For Free (Step by Step)

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How to Convert Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page. The strength and success of every business primarily depends on it’s influence and reach. The internet gives businesses several avenues to reach potential clients and existing customers at the least cost possible.Facebook is one of such platforms.

In recent times, social media Facebook has been the household name for every business that seeks to expand it’s reach and revenue on a very convenient pace. For a startup business or freelancer, getting the huge followers for your business might be very cost intensive especially when you operate on a low budget.

In this post, I’ll teach you step by step how you can get 5000 free facebook page followers and likes without paying a penny.



Search for “How to convert facebook profile to page” on google and try to click on any of the two search results below…



Now Click on how do i convert my profile to a page



Scroll down and click Here  to continue the process.

This should take you to you to the profile to page wizard where you would be given a guide on how to customize your page.

NB: The process is only valid for one page. The number of likes and followers depends solely on the number of friends on your personal page.




From the screenshot above, you can see that I have already used this trick for one of my pages. I hope you enjoy this new trick and don’t forget to change your page name to represent your brand if that is your purpose for converting.


Please share with me your experience in the comments box below and don’t hesitate to drop your tricks as well if you have any.


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