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Check Out These Five (5) Part-time Businesses You Can Start With Zero Capital

Getting to work on part time and earning from the things you love doing is gradually becoming lucrative especially for the millennial. The state of running one’s own business does not only give you the financial freedom but enables you to make enough time for yourself and your family. The desire to run your own part time business to supplement your monthly income or to break free from some sort of financial challenges may keep burning every now and then. But the question is where and what to start with. In this post, I shall outline some five (5) smart part time businesses anyone can start for free.


  1. Trading a Skill that has commercial value

One of the smartest way to start your own business is to train in a particular skill or trade that can earn you commercial value. There are lot of free training seminars and videos on the internet that can help you get an in depth understanding of the skill or trade you want to get into. For example: you can learn digital marketing online and assist local businesses in marketing online, you can learn website designing and charge local businesses and individuals to design websites for them, you can learn to shop online and if you don’t have enough capital to start shopping yourself, the trick is you can charge to train your colleagues in the online shopping business to be able to raise a little capital to start shopping.You can also learn skills like fashion designing, makeups, hair and beads making etc. 

All these skills are high in demand and would be highly patronized if people get to know you for it.


2. Blogging

About some 20 years ago blogging did not exist but we have over 125 million blogs today and the number keeps increasing each day. Why do you think people would set up as many blogs like this? The answer is Blogging is one of the few smart ways to get paid to post stuff online, be it social media or blog pages. is an example of a blog. How do you earn from blogging?

This is one of the most search questions on google aside how to “how to start an online business”. There are over 20 ways to earn as a blogger. One of the most popular means is Google Adsense. Ad-sense is advertising program where google pays you to place their ads on your blog. One major alternative to ad-sense that can fetch you good income is marketing your ad spaces to prospective clients in your locality or even around the world if you have a a good amount of traffic. You can check out my recent post on the benefits of blogging for more insights. Now if you need to start your blog and do not have enough to pay a website designer, there are two free blogging options at your disposal. and These two platforms gives you the opportunity to register for an easy to manage blog-site with a name like and

3. Freelance Marketing / Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is the backbone of every business that offers goods and services to clients. One smart way to earn on  a part time basis is to freelance for an agency or company that offers affiliate marketing services. You may however not know whether or not a particular agency offer commissions to affiliates until you approach them with your interest. They may have an affiliate marketing system or may gain interest in introducing an affiliate system since the system would help grow their businesses. Real Life Example: I received a call from a young man in kumasi (Ghana) who wanted to work as a marketer for my Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency. Due to his location and the location of our office I told him to try a different agency because we needed to have a marketer who can meetup clients in Accra as a well. Interestingly, the same person called back the following week and asked me how much he was going to get if he introduced me to people who needed our services. I paused for some time and started my calculation because we had no such thing as commissions. I later assured him of a 20% commission per referral. We charged GH500 for personal websites and blog development, GH800 for business websites and GH1200 for premium websites. By the end of the same month the guy whose name he mentioned to me as “Jonas” had referred eight clients who needed website designing services. Five of these clients were business  owners in need of a business website whiles the other three were friends who wanted to start their own blogs and personal websites. By the end of the month, Jonas had made GH1700.00 by just talking to people about services he himself never tasted. Now that is the power of Affiliate Marketing 🙂


4. Offering Consultancy Services

A lot of people have business ideas and are in search of persons who can give them an advice on how to implement those ideas. A lot of such people would be willing to pay for your advice and guide as that would help them grow their ideas into realities. Even though consultancy services are not very common in some countries, it is gradually becoming a a part of many societies and institutions.


5. Guest Writing or Taking Online Jobs

This part is a two in one section. If you have the skill in writing, you can offer to write articles, marketing proposals, content marketing articles etc on a freelance basis for a local agency or online firm. Content creators are in short supply and their demand keeps increasing every now and then. If you have good writing skills then you can tap into any of the options above or resort to writing featured marketing publications and reviews for local agencies.

Now if writing is not your thing or you are the type who don’t want to sit down and take a pen and paper or sit in-front of a PC for hours, then this is another option for you. Find one of the many online jobs or work from home jobs like taking survey, reviewing products and services, online form filling jobs, costumer care jobs etc. Most of these work from home jobs have little to no prerequisites. It’s time to fill up your free times with hobbies that tend to put some random coins and papers into your account balance each time. Keep up the hustle and Don’t forget to share with us some of the part time jobs you know by scrolling down to the comment section. Please share if you like this 🙂


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