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Blogging platforms to start a career as a blogger

In this current dispensation, it is quite obvious that blogging is one of the surest way of attracting traffic to one’s site and a credible way of reaching out to the world. Most people who want to venture into online blogging usually do not know where to start from.

There are some free blogging platforms that with little or no investment, one can kickstart his blogging career. 

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In this article, I try to bring you three credible but free blogging platforms that every aspiring blogger can start blogging from. 


WordPress is the most widely used blog/website management system in use with over 60 million websites. It is a perfect platform for writing blogs although it performs other important functions too.Click  WordPress to create an account


Blogger was built by Google and it is absolutely free with only a Gmail account as the prerequisite. Blogger provides the liberty for one to customize the site and to choose themes preferably. It provides free domains name for you if you don’t have one. Click Blogger to create an account now


Medium is an online publishing host that combines the works of highly professional people with that of newbies. It is a good place for publishers since it is normally regarded as a blog host. 

Also there are the likes of LinkedIn Pulse and Facebook Notes which are not necessarily platforms that host websites. However, they are good for writing articles and other relevant blogging materials. These two platforms are connected to their respective parent host thus it is very easy to share articles published there on other platforms. 

Blogging can be very interesting and also hectic. It can be rewarding and draining. It all depends on the effort of the blogger to get things done and to provide the relevant content that meet the expectations of audience. Get into your blogging shoes and blog your way to success. 

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