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Hey there, I am Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng founder of thetechpreneur.com. 

My interest in online businesses began after high school just after my first boss fired me on the last day of the month because I had asked about salaries too early. Right after high school, I started working in a Media College as a field marketer. My love for marketing was and is so deep that I feel Marketing is my calling on earth.

Long story short, after getting fired from my first work, I try my luck in another Insurance company but I quit just two weeks into the job because I didn’t feel comfortable working on a commission at that time. I needed quick money to start life as a young boy and a first child who couldn’t bear the financial pressure from the typical African family.


“I had to do something better with my life”. Something that could pay better and get me on my feet quickly. I needed to make my parents happy, despite not being to the university yet, I was desperately looking for jobs university students won’t venture into.


I did a little bit of radio production at a local radio station in 2015. During this period, my job as a new worker was to furnish radio presenters with news and information across the world. The only place to get such information was from the internet. At a point, I had all top news platforms at my fingertips and I could mention them even in my sleep.


I developed so much love for the new routine of having to work up each morning to find news for presenters and newsreaders. The feeling of hearing my news read on the radio alone wasn’t an easy one.


During this period my desperate search for money was diminishing and I was seeking to do something purposeful. All radio shows and news bulletins that I produced were amazing. Presenters began to shower praises on me as I had changed the narrative in news and radio production at the radio station.


One day, I asked myself how these websites where I pick these stories from managed to publish the stories I see.

I wanted to do something bigger. I did my little research on platforms they used and WordPress dominated the list.

I quickly started learning WordPress with wordpress.com at that time.


I started my first wordpress.com blog in December 2015 and started my own news portal My News Ghana with WordPress.org and that was when the story got interesting.

By July 2016, I had already built over 30 blogs for colleagues and others who called for my service :).

I used to charge between 400 to 800 cedis at that time (70$ – 170$)

This is where I found my new joy. I could make money just by sitting on my laptop without moving a hand or leg.


In August 2016, I started a startup business in website development whiles quickly learning new website development technologies. I needed more money and learning new courses online was the only way out.


I took several website development projects from companies and small businesses while running my startup on the family’s dining table.


In 2017, I had enjoyed quite a lot of money from website development. It was now time to help other people with the little I know. It was during this period that I started thetechpreneur.com. I was unable to focus on the blog due to the load of website development projects I got at that time. Few people could build websites in my locality at that time and customers I worked for kept on recommending me to more and more people.

In 2018, I moved out of my family house and rented a new apartment. Over there, I used my hall as the office for my IT agency Digitrust Ghana

I started Digitrust Ghana with lots of family and friends as I enjoyed their company more and wanted them to have a feel of my new found haven. That was the biggest mistake of my entire entrepreneurship career. I will explain this in a blog post someday. 


We gradually expanded our list of services and offered services in the areas of internet marketing, graphic design, training, point of sale software sales, and reselling of other business automation services.

The business was booming at the time but the cost of operation was huge due to the number of workers.

In December 2019, I moved the business to town, rented a new office, and furnished it with totally new materials.

That was good news for me and bad news for my family and friends staff. I dismissed everyone and left just two people out of the about 13 workers.

It was hard at that time but It has really paid off well.


Today, My news portal receives not less than 30,000 daily pageviews with a working team of 5 trained journalists.

My IT agency is also doing just fine with close to 130 active customers who loving our services.

And with my tech blog, that is what you are enjoying this article on.

So for five years, The internet has fed me and fed people around me who depend on me and that is why I want to impact more lives with information about my experience and past. My ultimate goal now is to raise more techpreneurs as the internet is where the world lives now. Having an internet life and experience is everyone’s goal.


So cheers and thanks for reading this. We will meet on the other side :).

Jeremiah Kobina Egyabeng


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